Huh?  What's this all about?  
Well I haven't figured out exactly what to write here yet, but basically, my name is Eric; I write songs; I sing and play the guitar.  I can do other stuff too, but that's really not interesting enough to talk about.  After a few near hits and misses with my band, The Rockefellers, I decided to take a few years off from the music biz, but always knew I'd be back someday.  Well here I am, ready or not!  Anyway, I worked in the studio for quite a while with Kevin Bents on this album.  Kevin's the producer.  We play together in the Andrew Fortier band.  That's how we got hooked up.  Well one thing led to another; we got Rich Pagano to play some drums then just toiled away at the rest of the stuff and... Voila!  We made a record.  I kind of like it.  Hope you do too since it was expressly made for your listening pleasure.  Don't worry, I'll think of something more interesting to say someday.  Regards...

Here's something mildly amusing, "Carol Was Here" was written on a beam in my basement studio from like the 1970's.  I don't really know who Carol is, but she was there (here). Carol, won't you come home again?  Carol?

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